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Welcome to the Tantra Temple

In the Tantra temple, you will learn about the thousand-year-old tantric wisdom of life and how to integrate spirituality, love and sexuality to awaken life’s full force and nurture the inborn potential we all have as humans. Tantra is a revolutionary approach to life that grants us the opportunity to live intensely and with a fully awakened consciousness in the present moment.

Everybody may benefit from tantra, because tantra always starts right where you are in life no matter which baggage you carry along. The tantric wisdom may be something for you if who want to do something for yourself, whether you want to learn to relax physically or mentally, get into closer contact with your body, free yourself of current anxieties or old trauma, invest in your sexual energy, learn to connect eroticism and love, experience how skillful touching reaches the soul, experience your body become alive and filled with joy, get the feeling of ‘coming home’, learning to know yourself better, increase intimacy and togetherness in your relationship, experience deep ecstatic spiritual unity during love, or simply finding answers to life’s existential questions.

We have temples in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus where you are welcome to receive tantra massage, listen to tantra presentations, participate in workshops, receive tantric initiations or training in tantra massage or participate in women’s groups or temple evenings.

When the massage started, I quickly felt how living it was and how much I could relax. My head couldn’t keep up at all, but my heart could! I could feel how I surrendered myself down to the smallest cell and could open up more and more , and felt more and more happy the more I accepted that love was all around me in the universe. I felt it as a safe and warm womb, where I could be innocent, open and curious and know that I was being taken care of and loved the whole time. It was a very very beautiful to experience and I laughed and sighed and enjoyed it…


It felt so beautiful, deep in my soul. To be touched and have your upper body lifted and bent backwards in that way was such a super beautiful experience. I felt so free and uplifted in such a special way and could breath much more freely. Thank you Filip, I have regained my belief that it can be possible to be deeply connected with a man who has the courage. A massage I won’t soon forget…


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