Glæd en du elsker (eller dig selv) med et gavekort til Tantra Templet.

Gavekortet dækker enten tantra massage eller undervisning i tantra massage for par.
Du modtager gavekortet på email, og det kan indløses i Tantra Templet i København eller Aarhus.
Gavekortet er gyldigt i tre år fra købsdatoen.

The Harmony Room for Tantra massage

“I felt safe and warm like in a womb, where I could be innocent, open and curious and know that I was being taken care of and loved the whole time. It was a very very beautiful to experience. I laughed and sighed and enjoyed it…”

Anna, 31

“During the last 10 months I have received some magnificent tantra massages in the Temple. I work as a therapist myself and have done a lot personal developmental work myself during the most of my adult life, but the most transforming experience has been the tantric journey with you. I feel I have connected to a deep energy source that facilitates my mission in life.”

Jan, 44

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