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The World of Conscious Touch

Conscious touch is a sacred art, an expression of the heart. It means to be fully present with another human being, fully present in each movement. Conscious touch connects us with our profound emotions, it can express affection and acceptance, give sublime pleasure, provide caring, comfort and support. 

Conscious touch is also deeply related with sacred eroticism, it helps us step out of our ordinary state of consciousness and by bringing awareness to the erotic energy and lifting it up in the body, we become profoundly relaxed and ecstatic at the same time. The erotic energy becomes like rocket fuel for rapid personal and spiritual development and helps us to live our life fully.

To book a massage or if  you have any questions, please contact our booking at info@tantra-temple.com or (+45) 7199 1102 (the phone is open 10-16 on weekdays).

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In the Tantra Temple, we respect and practice the thousand-years-old tantric tradition. Tantra is wisdom of life that teaches us how to awaken and nurture the inborn potential we people have, by integrating harmoniously spirituality, love and eroticism.

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“I felt safe and warm like in a womb, where I could be innocent, open and curious and know that I was being taken care of and loved the whole time. It was a very very beautiful to experience. I laughed and sighed and enjoyed it…”

Anna, 31

“During the last 10 months I have received some magnificent tantra massages in the Temple. I work as a therapist myself and have done a lot personal developmental work myself during the most of my adult life, but the most transforming experience has been the tantric journey with you. I feel I have connected to a deep energy source that facilitates my mission in life.”

Jan, 44