There are many kinds of healing modalities on the market nowadays, and you can also find Tantra massage offered as a form of therapy or healing.

What is this ‘healing’ actually all about? And can Tantra massage rightfully offer this?

What is healing?

The purpose of Tantra massage is not healing, but to help you understand who you really are. After all, Tantra is a spiritual path aiming at revealing our true divine self. But all that talk about spiritual realization can seem like a fairytale, if you are experiencing problems such as disease and pain, which keep you very focused and fixed in the physical reality. Therefore a process of healing is often needed before the soul is ready to awaken and embark on a spiritual journey.

We can say that healing is needed when one has a certain issue, problem or pain in their life. This can range from a physical illness, to an emotional hurt, a mental disturbance or traumas from childhood or later in life. We have a life-force energy continuously flowing through our system. When this energy gets stuck somewhere, a blockage occurs; we get sick or we experience a certain painful feeling or mental distress. 

The natural healthy state of our being is a state of balance, and when the energy becomes blocked, we start to get out of this state of balance. Our aim in the Tantra massage is to bring people back to a state of balance, and then healing begins to happen naturally. Because when you give the body the right conditions, it knows how to heal itself and come back to a state of inner balance.

Healing in the Tantra Temple

In the Tantra Temple we don’t claim to be healers who can cure all kinds of diseases or problems that people have. However, we have been assisting and witnessing some spectacular healings happen on our red mattresses throughout the years. We meet many people who come with problems related to sexuality. This could be erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation in the case of men, for women the problems could be frigidity, pelvic floor pains or difficulty in making love one way or the other. Tantra massage is excellent for this, because we can help the energy flow exactly where it got stuck. Allowing the erotic energy to flow freely will very often solve most of the issues with sexuality. (Read more about the Erotic Energy in this article)

The purpose of Tantra massage is not healing, but to help you understand who you really are

So how do we do that? First of all we offer a lot of relaxation. It is very common for most people nowadays to experience stress. When we are stressed, agitated or tense, energy cannot flow freely, and from there blockages, acute tension or even chronic pain can develop. Our first step towards healing is relaxation, so that the body can let go of all kinds of unconscious contractions and stress. Once the relaxation happens, the consciousness starts to expand, and this can sometimes offer people a wider vision, a perspective or even a revelation about themselves. They start to realize what they can do in order to overcome those blockages which are creating disharmonies in themselves which can lead to diseases.

A second step in Tantra massage is that we connect the guest to their heart. As we mentioned the body has a way to heal itself; it is the heart that does all this self-healing. Both the physical heart, which is the one connecting all the different parts of the body, but also the subtle heart. This subtle heart is our so-called heart centre, the heart chakra. Its function is to synchronize everything, to bring everything into balance. When we are centered in our heart, we start to live a life in balance, and this balance brings harmony.

A third step would be to open up to an even bigger heart, what we can call the universal heart; the universal energy of love that flows through all of us. This energy of love works as an absolutely amazing healer. As masseurs we consciously tune into this source of endless energy and channel this love through our hands. We charge the other with this universal love through our touch, and when we really allow love to flow through our heart, a lot of imbalances get realigned again. When we get back in our heart, we start to live in the present moment, and in the present moment things unfold in a balanced way.

We have seen many times that Tantra massage has miraculous healing effects. Even people who didn’t expect it at all and didn’t come with an intention of healing have experienced that their problem or pain which they carried around for years was cured. We can give an example of a few women who were suffering from intense and paralysing pain in their yoni for which doctors could not find a reasonable cause. After a series of weekly sessions they found themselves free from the disturbing tensions in their yoni.  

Actually each person that comes for a massage goes through a certain process of healing. Through the steps of relaxation, heart-centering and tuning into love, deeper realizations about oneself emerge. When this kind of inner truth appears and is revealed, we have a chance to reflect on the part of us that needs to change. Sometimes this can be painful or hard to face, but it is a necessary step on the path towards inner freedom. 

The deeper inner work of transformation

It is often a negative mental pattern or painful belief which a person has that blocks the balanced flow of energy  which then attracts problems in their life. If you have a thought pattern which is not healthy, for example when you think negatively about yourself like “I am not good enough, I look ugly, something is wrong, I will never succeed” these kind of bad thought patterns attract more and more negative energy into your system. Once you start addressing the root causes of these negative thought patterns, and transform them into positive ones, the deeper healing starts to take place.

Therefore, we also encourage people after the massage to do something with the revelations that they had when receiving the massage. Because it is very important to understand that in order to keep that state of balance which is experienced in the massage, we often have to do some work with ourselves to make the transformation last. The danger is to just fall back to our old way of being which was causing the issue in the first place. A profound practice of Hatha Yoga is for example something that we very much encourage.

People often wrongly believe that healing is something that a healer does to you, that it is coming from the outside. And also that once it is done, the healing will last forever. Actually, it does not last forever, unless you change the mindset that is at the core of that issue. If you experience healing, it is of vital importance to look deeper inside yourself and to transform the false belief or harmful attitude, in order to prevent calling the issue back into your life. Like this, you are paving the way towards greater inner freedom, a perfect state of balance and then the talk about spirituality can truly begin.