Tantra Massage Education

A three year journey of awakening love, awareness, and pure eros to become a Tantra Massage Therapist

The next round of Tantra Massage Education starts at the end of 2024 – Dates to be announced

This massage education is offered by the Tantra Temple in Denmark to become a Tantric Massage Therapist. It will help you grow personally, erotically, and spiritually. We made it so you can help us share the gift of Tantra Massage with the world.

Overview of the education

Three year education

The education is organized in nine modules spread over three years. Each module is one week long. The education takes place on-site (not online).

Intense modules

Each module consists of lectures, workshops, massage practice,  Meridian and Hatha yoga, and group exercises.


Between the modules you will be practicing at home what you have learned so far.

Personal tutor

A tutor will be assigned to you personally to help you with guidance through the entire education, especially in the periods between modules.

Tutor massage

You will receive tantric massages from your tutor in order to help you deepen your own transformation.


You will receive extensive written handouts for the lectures, exercises, and massages that you learn, including clear pictures and charts of the meridians and pressure points.


Every year there will be an exam. The last exam in the end of third year will certify you as a Tantric Massage Therapist.

What is Tantra

A quick translation of the word “Tantra” is “A network/weave of tools”. It is an ancient tradition that presents possible methods for a human to get a healthier life, a happier life, and to keep evolving spiritually.

Many people associate the word with sexuality, and it is true that Tantra includes eroticism as part of achieving a full life. Instead of trying to reject or diminish the erotic power, this energy is instead faced with full awareness, and is used for whatever higher purpose we want, such as eros, love, expansion, or Self-realization. Tantra is making a clear distinction between sexual energy and erotic energy, one leading to instinctual satisfaction (or frustration), the other to spiritual fulfillment.

A tantric strives to be in a state of relaxed awareness all the time. The relaxation allows energy to flow freely. The awareness allows us to take control of the energy and direct it where we want.

What is Tantra massage

Tantra Massage is a relaxing full-body massage given from a woman to a man or woman, or from a man to a woman. The receiver is usually naked. In the Tantra Temple, and the Tantra Massage Education, the giver keeps their underpants on.

The purpose of the massage is for the receiver to get to know themselves profoundly. This is usually done by the giver sharing a state of pleasurable relaxed awareness with the receiver. This helps release and balance blocked and distorted energy, not only in the body, but in the whole being of the receiver.

A typical example of disharmonious energy would be a repressed or overstimulated sexuality, but can also be many other emotional imbalances like repressed anger, fear, depression or sorrow. The massage helps the receiver become the powerful, loving, erotic being that they truly are.

The masseur/masseuse touches the receiver erotically, not sexually. The difference includes not only a deep respect for the boundaries of the individual, but an entirely different attitude and energy. The difference between eros and sexuality is one of the major topics taught in the Tantra Massage Education.

Structure of the Education

The Tantra Massage Education (TME for short) consists of nine modules spread over three years. Each module takes one week.

Over the years we have trained hundreds of tantra masseurs in the Tantra Temple and here in this education we have included all the essential elements. It was a big puzzle to boil our vast experience down to an education of only three years. One of the main reasons why it is not possible to make it much shorter is the time needed to integrate the new knowledge into inner attitudes and practice the exercises of energy work at home to produce long lasting effects.

Year 1 – Awakening

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3

In the first three modules, the focus is mainly on yourself: getting to know yourself much better, learning about your own energy, and how to make it flow freely. Truly knowing yourself better is an essential step for becoming able to emphatically connect with others. To help others, you must first have something to give.

You will learn the basic structure and techniques for giving tantric massages during the first year, but there will be less focus on advanced techniques to use on the receiver, and more focus on getting you into the correct state before, during, and after the massage.

Main themes studied the first year

Attitudes, awareness and spirituality

Awareness of all senses. Conscious touch. Using mental discipline to control your state. The law of offering.  Active love.  Freedom and boundaries. Karma. Aligning with the Universe using Consecration.

Polarity, Sexuality and Eros

Understanding the sexual energy, how to transform it into erotic power, how to master it and use it for higher purposes. Longer lasting and harmonious lovemaking (theory only, practice is at home). The different strengths of men and women, and how they help harmonize each other through polarization. Virility, menstruation, PMS typologies.


How to prepare for a massage. Purification and protection techniques. The 20 qualities of touch, the torus, massage from woman to man and from man to woman.
Concrete massage sequences, including: heart,  abdominal flow, shu points,  pms + menstruation, increased virility and sexual control, and release of blocked erotic energy. Practice of integrated  massages, drawing on all tools learned so far.

Meridian yoga

Meridians and their pressure points from Chinese and Indian medicine. Theory of meridian lines. Associated physical and emotional effects. Associated major organs. Exercises for each meridian, both for activating energy, and for learning about the meridians directly on your own body.

Hatha yoga

Asanas (postures) for balancing energy through resonance. Postures for grounding, stimulation, transmutation and sublimation.

Ayurveda medicine

Ayurvedic skin and body types. Their physical and emotional characteristics. How to give massage to the different types.

More for the body

Physical hygiene, the general vitality of the body.

Year 2 – Expansion

Module 4
Earth, Water, Fire
Module 5
Heart and Voice
Module 6
Eye and Crown

During the three modules of the Expansion Phase you will learn to gradually shift your focus from yourself to include the other person in your attention. In this way you will expand, being able to distinguish between your own energy and the other one’s, and eventually to awaken and move energy in the other one.

You will learn to classify imbalances in your guests using the Chakra energy system, and will learn many practical massages for dealing with those particular issues. You will continue to deepen your understanding of how your own energy affects your guest through resonance.

Main themes studied the second year

Intimacy through conscious touch. From Sexuality to Eroticism

Several lectures cover these topics in depth. This is very important for being able to offer awareness without judgment, intimacy without attachment, love without reward.

Energy centers known as Chakras

The  energy structures that shape our bodies, emotions, and thoughts, and  form the subtle connection to our soul and the universe.  Identifying imbalances on various levels, in yourself and your guests. Extra focus on Anahata – the heart chakra, as it is associated directly with the skin and the  sense of touch, and serves as the bridge between our lower and higher natures.


Awareness and Relaxation. Chakra massage. Integrated and individual: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara. Most massages have variations from man to woman and woman to man. Massage as an art. Continued practice of integrated  massages, drawing on all tools learned so far.

Important tools

Empathy, Intuition, Visualization, Transfiguration. Operating with Superior Energies. All of this is needed to not only see your guests both as they are, but also as their higher nature that is hidden within.

Hatha yoga exercises

You will learn asanas for awakening and harmonizing each of the seven chakras.

Meridian stretching

Exercises performed in pairs to balance the meridians. Stretching exercises can be used not only with a partner, but also as a warmup for a guest before giving massage.

Year 3 – Unity

Module 7
Module 8
Module 9

During the three modules in the Unity Phase, you will learn to focus on the connection between you and the other one, merging with one another. This is where both of you meet outside of your comfort zones. In other words, beyond your individuality, experiencing a sense of oneness on multiple levels.

This is also where you learn how to give massage to the most intimate part of a person. The yoni (female genitalia) and lingam (male penis) are direct access points to touch a soul. It must only be done with proper preparation, adoration, and full awareness, making it a sacred act. In any tantra massage, in this education, or outside, it is of course only done with full consent of both giver and receiver.

Main themes studied the third year

Higher principles

Intimate touch, mental focus, the role of desires. The Law of Harmonious balance, Tantric Magic, Spiritual First Aid, and The Absolute Principle.

Your guests

How to talk to your guests. The astrological signs, and how they affect your guests. Auric Defense Typologies – typical defensive patterns that people fall into. (Schizoid, Oral, Psychopathic, Masochistic, Rigid). How to give massage to the  different types.

Yoni, Lingam, Erogenous zones

The erogenous zones in general, and their variations  according to astrological signs.
Physical anatomy and reflexology points of the Yoni and the Lingam. Tantric symbolism of Yoni and Lingam. Importance of their adoration.


Yoni and Lingam massage. Reflexology massage. Practice of integrated massages, drawing on all tools learned.

Yoga and meridian stretching

More hatha yoga exercises. More meridian stretching exercises (continued from year two). Love Shiatsu.

Final exam

During the ninth module there will be a final exam for certification as Tantra Massage Therapist.

Time between the modules

Between the modules you will be integrating what you have learned in your daily life.

Start a yoga practice

Become more aware and have more energy for your transformations. The education gives you plenty of exercises to choose from. Your tutor can help you select a personal program.

Read up

Get a deeper understanding the second time going through the material.

Put the concepts into practice

Active love requires action. Conscious touch requires touching.

Practice giving massages

As you grow more confident, you will start giving massages to friends or other volunteers. The practice will not only make you better at giving massage, but will also help you identify where your main challenges are.

Personal Tutor

The more you work, the quicker you learn and evolve. You may feel in need of guidance as that happens, and therefore we have assigned you a personal tutor.

Your personal tutor

From the very beginning of the education, we provide you with a highly trained tantra masseur, who will be your personal tutor and who will follow your progress during all three phases. This is included in the tuition fee. You will receive feedback from a professional tantra masseur, which is an opportunity for you to go deeper with your own process.

Having a personal tutor implies that you will receive a tantra massage around each module. Later on in the education this changes into you giving tantra massages to your tutor. After each massage session you will receive valuable feedback and homework accordingly. It also implies that you will have two longer intimate talks with your tutor, preferably as the very first sessions, in order to get to know each other better and so that the tutor can afterwards guide you through the process.

The tutor is also provided to keep you in contact with the Tantra Massage Education in between the modules. Most communication is done via email or phone, but you are also welcome to meet up with your tutor. During the actual modules the tutors may or may not be present, and if they are, they will be available for your questions during their own free time.


You will receive the material taught in any given module as written handouts. The material will help you prepare for exams, but also serves as a valuable reference in your work as a masseur.

Lectures with illustrations
Meridian diagrams
Meridian and Hatha Yoga exercises
Pressure points
Ayurvedic types, Astrology signs, Defensive typologies
Massage guides – men to women and women to men
Poetry, questionnaires, practice advice and more

Exams and Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion

At the end of each year, there will be an exam. The one at the end of year three, being the final exam, will include subjects from all the years.

Year 1 + 2 exams

At the end of year 1 and 2, there will be a theoretical, written test. Additionally you will give a tantra massage to your tutor or observed by a teacher. You are not expected to be perfect, but you are expected to show some progress from when you began.

In year 1 there is also a group exam of Meridian yoga, where you demonstrate that you remember exercises.

Year 3 final exam

A Personal communication project.

During year three, you will pick a project where you communicate about tantra massage or a related subject to the rest of the world. We have to accept the idea for the project, but there is a lot of flexibility, such as social media posts, lectures, small video documentaries.

A theoretical, written test

You will be tested in the theory learned. There can come questions from all the different topics.

A practical massage to a real guest

You will be giving a real tantra massage to someone you have never given massage before, possibly a real customer at the Tantra Temple, while one of the teachers will function as an observer during the massage.

A second chance

Should you fail to pass one of the exams, you will get a chance to read up on, or practice on your weaknesses, and then take a re-examination. As long as you put in the effort, we want you to succeed.


Passing the final exam certifies you as a Tantric Massage Therapist from the Tantra Temple.

Why should you choose this education?

Most comprehensive

As far as we know, TME is the most comprehensive tantra massage education in the world. If we are mistaken, we would be happy to learn of colleagues doing similar work.

Our approach is based on the full, tantric tradition. We want to teach you how to live a happy and spiritually evolving life, not just how to fix a few problems. This education is an initiation into this ancient path..

You will get a thorough theoretical and practical education in the physical and subtle nature of a human being. We want to give you as many tools as possible.

Beyond professional

We teach you to not reject all intimacy between giver and receiver in an attempt to be “Purely Professional”.
Nor should you indulge in every desire that comes up, possibly violating the boundaries of your guests and yourself.
Both rejecting and indulging are sexual attitudes (yin and yang unbalanced), and potentially harmful.
We offer a third path, through awareness, active love, and pure eros.

Help others by helping yourself

We show you the path to harmonious couple relationships that keep growing through active love and polarity. In this way you are much better equipped to guide couples.

We teach you to fulfill your true fundamental needs rather than only following your desires on the surface. In this way you can much better guide others through the same process.



massage training



hatha and
meridian yoga



lectures on
tantric principles



physical and
energetic anatomy



group sessions



personal tutorship

Meditations, dance workshops, movies, shared meals, hugs, leisure time, trips to beach and forest, outdoor hot tubs.


I started in TME with a vague idea of it being “good for my development”. At the end of it, I was spouting poetry. Like this which gives my opinion of TME:

So much of what is right
is locked beneath the skin
of people full of love,
and fire deep within
We touch to let that fire out
We touch to see them grow
We touch to help them feel their love
We touch to see it show

For we have found such treasure
In meetings of the heart
Intensity of pleasure
life as ecstatic art
How could we then go back and hide
pretend that we don’t care
The spark within our hearts is light
that we are bound to share

Carsten, Denmark

The Tantra Massage Education for me was an amazing journey of inner discovery. We were going step by step into very delicate subjects like erotical openness, ability to control and direct our energies and desires, removing blockages and inhibitions, acceptance of ourselves and the others.

Sometimes it was not easy, but sometimes it was ecstatic. The support of the teachers, the soul connections that were built up in our group were of great help. I was amazed to see how all the teachings, the practices we did and the theory we learned during this education were immediately reflected in my life, creating great transformations! For sure after this education I became more open and loving towards men, I could overcome shyness, my love relationship transformed greatly. I would definitely recommend this journey to anyone who wants to learn how to give love through conscious and loving touch!

Lisa, Russia

My own experience of the Tantra Massage Education has been a deep and transforming journey. Through the education I have reached a deeper understanding of the Tantric philosophy which had a great impact on my own personal evolution and the way I choose to live my life now.

Through the practical training and guidance I have become better at listening to my own body and understanding its signals. I have discovered new ways to express and receive love and eroticism, while becoming more conscious of my own limits and needs. During the massages I have experienced a profound inner journey, releasing blockages in my body from past experiences that made it difficult to feel energy flowing freely.

The education has given me tools to free myself from limiting convictions and emotional blockages. I have learned to really be present in the now and let go of control in order to experience a deeper connection with myself and the people around me.

During the education I have also been challenged to be more courageous, open and vulnerable – and I have discovered that even in the most intimate space there exists a well of inner strength and joy. This journey has been a source of healing and personal transforming growth; it has given me valuable tools to create more authenticity and meaningful connections in my life. At the same time, it taught me to connect with my heart, be conscious in my actions and that my body, mind and spirit belong together like a trinity

Lilian, Denmark

Meet the Teachers

All the teachers in the education are professional Tantra masseurs from the Tantra Temple with many years of experience.

Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj

Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj

Ulrik is a loving heart filled with enthusiasm disguised as an experienced tantra teacher and masseur. If he could, he would give the gift of tantra massage to all the women in the world, but since he only has two hands, he needs your help. A tantric since year 2000, he is the author of “Let’s Talk Tantra” and co-founder of the Tantra Temple. He listens before he speaks, teaches in order to truly help, and draws from a deep understanding of love, life, and relationships.

Nicol Bagala

Nicol Bagala

Nicol is the embodiment of feminine grace. She has a background as a professional ballerina, and is both a Tantra teacher, Tantra masseuse and show director with 25 years experience as a tantric. She exemplifies feminine sensuality and spirituality when giving dance performances, guiding rituals or simply being present in a room. She speaks quietly, but always from the heart, and inspires both men and women to be aware and listen carefully, because when she is present, so is the mystery.

Daniela Ananda

Daniela Ananda

While others try to do what is good for everyone, Ananda tries to do what is good for every single one she meets. Individually. Exactly what they need to grow, whether it is a warm hug, some good advice, or a gentle kick in the behind. And she somehow has the energy for it. She has been a tantric for 25 years, is a tantra teacher and massage therapist, and has an extensive and ever growing knowledge of hatha yoga, meridian yoga, ancient Chinese and Indian medicine, and much more. She is constantly finding or inventing new ways to teach, exercise, and live a happy life.

Petri Taipale

Petri Taipale

If once upon a time, a wise, friendly tree left its forest to come play with the humans, that tree would be Petri. He teaches and practices yoga, Tantra, Tantra massage, contact improvisation, conscious touch, authentic and coherent relating, gestalt counseling, theater and performance art and the Finnish language. He shows others how to be playfully serious, seriously playful, and always aware. His ability to stay calm, centered and present in the heart serves as an example to men and polarizes women.

Advaitananda Stoian

Advaitananda Stoian

Special guest teacher

Advaitananda is a teacher of teachers. With three decades of experience, he runs seminars, workshops and retreats around the world on a wide variety of topics, from relationships, love and intimacy to frontier science, quantum physics and human rights. Co-author of the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course used worldwide, he is constantly practicing, researching, writing, and giving lectures on new and deeper subjects. Advaitananda is an inspiring speaker who explains in great detail what our potential is, how to get there, and why we should want to.

Venue and Ac­com­mo­da­tion

The modules are held in Denmark at Asgaard Hus located in the wide open Zeeland countryside on the outskirts of the village of St. Torøje. This 17th century farmhouse has been transformed into an attractive retreat center.

As part of the accommodation, vegetarian meals will be served three times a day. Because the retreat center has a focus on holistic health, smoking and alcohol are not allowed.

Asgaard is connected with the much bigger Paradise Retreat Center seven minutes walk away or a two minute bike ride. There are various attractions in the neighborhood, such as beach, forest, and monastery all within five kilometers.

Prices and application process

All participants are interviewed before final  approval for registration, so that both participants and teachers are sure that there is a good energy in the group. With the right attitude, everyone gets three fantastic years with new friends.

Are you up for the challenge?

If you don’t feel ready to apply yet, do not hesitate to contact us at education@tantra-temple.com for questions or to set up a short zoom meeting.

Tuition per module

13,000 DKK

Approximately 1,745 EUR / 1,915 USD


3,780 DKK

Approximately 508 EUR / 555 USD

  • 4,000 DKK deposit to be paid upon registration approval.
  • Accommodation is for 7 nights in a shared double room and includes breakfast and two vegetarian meals per day.
  • 7% discount if pre-paying 3 modules in advance.
  • 14% discount if pre-paying the entire education.
  • Payment of tuition is due one month before each module.

It will not always be easy. But we are here to help.

Personal development feels threatening to our egos, because it challenges our idea of who we are. So you should not be surprised to experience a minor “crisis” or two during the education. This is one of the reasons why we have assigned you a personal tutor, but you can ask anyone on our team for help.

We are not only here to teach you, but also to support you through this process.

With Love,
The Tantra Massage Education Team