New membership structure:

Part of building a community of the Tantra Temple is restructuring our membership system.

We have now had a year to consider what content should be for our members, and it is clear that we would like to build a community among all the beautiful people who regularly come to the temple. A community that inspires you to go deeper and in a healthy way into the tantric wisdom and lifestyle and, at the same time, creates the opportunity to form friendships and network with other like-hearted people.

Benefits for our loyal members:

• Member evenings with interesting lectures and debates
• Member evenings with spiritual practices such as yoga nidra, tantric yoga, contact improvisation and heart meditations
• Spiritual movie nights
• Possibility of personal coaching with one of our teachers
• Discounts on our tantra massages and events
• Possibility to upgrade the membership and thus get bigger discounts – we write more about that directly to those who sign up. (Please note that the key element here is your aspiration to spiritualize your life. This means we will support and help those who are really showing interest and invest time for the spiritual practice.)

There will be events in 2019, based both on learning new things, but also on getting to know new people, where there will be the opportunity to debate on topics such as tantra and self-development and how you learn to navigate safely in the Tantric world. These events are for free and only for members. 

We also have a team of teachers from our Tantra Massage Education who are ready to offer individual coaching to you who want to go even further in your spiritual development.

Tantra is a spiritual path that seeks to reveal who we truly are. A holistic world view that sees everything as being connected with everything. Through tantra we can gain a much greater understanding of ourselves and see that we are absolutely perfect as we are. At the same time, we can also recognize that we have hidden the beautiful light from within with all our self-imposed limitations such as trauma, shame, guilt, taboos and the feeling of not being good enough. Part of the tantric practice is to let the light from within shine freely and thereby live a life in harmony, love and freedom.

Since 2006, we in the Tantra Temple have supported thousands of people in their personal and spiritual development. Through tantra massage, lectures, workshops and personal coaching, we help give people a much greater understanding of themselves and other people, especially when it comes to sexuality, emotions, relationships and spirituality.


The membership fee from now on is an individual monthly fee of DKK 50. This applies also to couples and young people. You can still opt out anytime. There is a DKK 100 fee when you first sign up, if you have not been a member of the Tantra Temple before.

  • As a member you get a 10% discount on massages in the Tantra Temple, the only thing that is required is that you have a genuine interest in learning more about tantra and have paid the monthly fee (and the registration fee, as is the case).
  • For paid events, there will be a discount member price and you will receive an access code via email so you can buy tickets on for the respective event.

How to join:

The membership fee is an individual monthly fee of DKK 50. This applies also to couples and persons under 26 (U26). You can still sign out anytime.

There is a DKK 100 registration fee when you first sign up (if you have not been a member of the Tantra Temple before). Upon first sign up, you need to pay 200 DKK (registration fee + first two months).

If you are already a member and wish to continue, you will pay DKK 100 (for the current month + the next).

Click the link here to become a member or update your membership.

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