In the Tantra Temple, we recognize the value of space. We consciously chose to create the space in the most prepared way, like a soil that has been fertilized, ready to receive seeds that can then easily sprout. When the guests enter into our space, they are received in an intentionally established setting that supports their inner journey and encourages deeply spiritual experiences.

All of our massage rooms have been named after certain Godly Attributes and have been charged with those energies through meditation. In this way both the guest and the masseuse benefit from an ambience that makes them come in contact with high and universal energies.

Godly Attributes are universal energies which are endless and eternal and which frequency always remains the same. When we tune into them we discover, understand and experience new and fascinating characteristics of the universe and of our own inner being.

Let us take you on a guided tour through the Tantra Temple and give you a taster of the attributes that define, decorate, adorn, charge and uplift its space. We will walk you through all the rooms and created spaces and will explain the meaning, importance and impact of the attributes they are named after. Open yourself as you read, to not just let the words entertain your mind, but to let the frequency of these high and universal energies touch and elevate your being.

Are you ready to enter? Come on in! We have been expecting you!

The reception of our location for the Tantra Temple in Copenhagen is called Love.

Love is the “glue” of the universe that unites us with all that exists. It is a magical elixir that fills us with joy the more we open our hearts to this energy of love.

Often in life we become passive in love and expect others to make us happy and to love us. We then lose love’s radiant glow and can feel disappointed or alone. When we discover that we can always tune into the universal energy of love, which is abundantly present, we grow in love through offering it actively. The more we love, the more goodness, beauty and ecstasy we spontaneously experience inside of us.

When we offer our love freely and intensely, we give ourselves the greatest happiness we can give.

Love brings enthusiasm into our lives and connects us intimately with the one we love. Through love we can merge with our beloved which brings new depth of closeness to our connection. When we feel disconnected or unfulfilled, we can rekindle the fire of love, which brings long-lasting bliss and empowering happiness into our lives and relationships.

Now that you are inside, take of your shoes, hang your coat and let us show you the first massage room you encounter right at the entrance. It is called Elevated Pleasure…

All of us are attracted by pleasure. Tantra says that the entire creation springs out of a cosmic orgasm – an extraordinary burst of pleasure. Any kind of longing for pleasure that we feel is in fact a certain nostalgia for the initial or original state of unconditional and overwhelming ecstatic pleasure.

Sometimes the longing is so intense that we get fascinated by everything that resembles that original pleasure and we can get lost in our world of senses.

In a tantra massage we consciously increase certain pleasures in a controlled way in order to harvest its power for our growth. Intense pleasure can help us to focus and cancels any internal patterns or blockages. It can easily take us beyond our daily agitations, our mental worries or personal insecurities and fears.

The experience of pure and elevated pleasure in a tantra massage shows that pleasure does not need to make us go astray but can instantly take us deep inside ourselves, where we find the real source of pleasure, happiness and delight, which we are all seeking incessantly.

Further up the hall, we find our cozy, warm and embracing massage room, named Harmony.

In our modern society we often neglect our inner sense of harmony and live according to our calendar and pre-planned schedule. We often forget to check which action would be the most suited for each moment in order to ensure a feeling of inner harmony. This can make us feel stressed, unbalanced or even sick and unhappy.

When we tune into the universal energy of harmony it will show us how our being feels when it is deeply harmonious. This helps us realize what is required for us to live in such a way to bring consonance between different aspects of our lives, such as family, love-life, job, hobbies and spirituality. But also within ourselves; to fulfil our deep needs in order to create the perfect harmony in our health, emotions, mind and heart.

Harmony can be understood as the accordance between different parts of a system that are working together coherently. When everything finds its integrated place and acts in conformity with its other parts, unity within diversity can be found and a state of balance results. We can clearly see this for example in the way that nature expresses itself.

Let us go back to the reception, pass through Love and go towards the other corridor. Just around the corner, we find our biggest and most enigmatic massage room, which is called Mystery

Mystery is the border between the known and the unknown. It reveals to us that which is concealed in the visible world. It is the fascinating experience of glimpsing a reality which we sense exists, but which is beyond our comprehension. Mystery is the closest touch of our human soul to the absolute, the highest reality or God.

Our rational mind tends to classify reality into a binary system of opposites; that which we like and don’t like, that which is good and bad, that which we know and that which we don’t know. This logical approach to life excludes the space of magic; the enigmatic experience of sensing something inexplicable and undefinable. In this way our lives become filled with routine, familiarity and saturation.

Mystery helps us to transforms our everyday life as it reveals the exceptional within the ordinary things. Boredom within our couple or dullness at our job can be changed by replacing our ordinary mental labeling of reality with a curiosity to discover the unknown which is hiding beyond the ‘known’ appearance. When we then feel the energy of mystery, we become captivated, intrigued and attracted by what we see, do or feel.

Right across from Mystery, we find a pure, refined and beautiful little massage room, which is called Grace

Often times our guests experience moments of grace during the massage. One of those special moments where something we have been longing for deeply suddenly comes to us “out of the blue”. Grace takes the shape of what we really need in order to transform something that has been holding us back in life. It can also be something that awakens deep aspirations to truly know ourselves from a spiritual point of view.

In the massage this can be experienced as healing, immense love, revelations about our purpose in life, a deep centering inside ourselves or simply a feeling of joy or happiness we never felt before. Grace is the bestowal of heavenly gifts that lift us up and attracts us to the highest possible experiences.

After we freely receive such gifts, we need to take appropriate actions to integrate its implications and insights into our lives. In this way we prepare for more grace to come in a next massage. In this way, the Tantra Temple can be a channel of grace for those who truly wish to take steps towards their personal and spiritual evolution. Letting grace propel us far beyond where our individual strivings can take us.

And last, but not least, we find the intimate and exotic massage room at the end of the hallway, which is called Pure Eros

What is the most amazing erotic experience you have ever had? How did it feel? What made it so special? Commonly people mention the deep connection they felt, or the intense feeling of love, the freedom and playfulness, overwhelming pleasure, a sense of uniting, dissolving or expanding together with their beloved. All these aspects are characteristic of erotic energy.

Eros is a pure and refined energy that makes sensual experiences sublime. A tantra massage is an erotic massage that offers much more than a fleeting sense of excitement and pleasure. While quick sexual experiences can leave us craving for more, a simple erotic touch can fulfil us deeply. It satisfies the need of our soul for intimacy and reveals what our hearts are longing for most.

Eros unites, eros uplifts, eros awakens and eros ignites our aspirations towards all that is divine.

Now we have seen the downstairs, let us rise up and climb some stairs in order to discover the second floor. When we go up the staircase we discover our big and bright workshop hall called Beatitude

Do you remember the happiest moment in your life? Were all your cells vibrating with a joy so immense that it felt you could barely contain it? Or was it like happiness that took you out of yourself into the sweetest silence and vastness that seemed unending?

A tantra massage can make us feel extremely happy. However it is not the masseurs or the massage that are the source of this happiness. The massage simply brings us in contact with the part in us that IS unconditionally happy.

Tantric teachings say that the human being is wrapped in different layers named KOSHAS, or subtle bodies. The most refined of these bodies is our body of bliss. When we get in contact with this body, we feel ourselves as intensely happy or in a state of beatitude.

When we experience states of bliss what happens is that the covers that hide our natural happiness are removed and we get in contact with our essential nature. Like clouds that are removed from the sight of the shining sun, exposing the brilliant radiance of beatitude.

And lastly, there is a door that usually stays closed for our guests, but where for once you are now allowed to peak through its keyhole: it is our practice room called Unity, where we do our meditations and yoga asanas before and after massages.

Our usual way of looking at the world is through the lens of separation: “I am different than you, you are better at that than me etc.” This creates a sense of individualism and disconnection.

Fraternity, togetherness and love however are based on the opposite: on unity.

Unity empowers us and that is why it is important for our team to look at that which unites us.

And what do you think unites us? Our love for touch, or the wish to help others? Perhaps both, but even more importantly we are united by a dedication to a shared principle.

We all believe that we are not just giving massages to touch other people, but to first and foremost transform ourselves. We are devoted to a spiritual practice that will benefit our evolution, gradually overcoming all our inner obstacles. This way we become the best version of ourselves, united with our deepest essence.

We have come to the end of our Tour. The door to our office, called Joy, will stay closed for today.

We hope you enjoyed your visit and would be more than happy to know which of the spaces attracts you the most and invites you to come and be nourished in. We hope to see you soon! Be our seed, uh… guest!