If you would ask 100 temple guests what a tantra massage is, you would probably receive 100 different replies. Some would say it is a very relaxing experience releasing stress and tensions, others would say that they feel amazingly full of energy, some people mention emotional and sexual healing, others will tell you about implosive orgasms, soul-awakening experiences or states of ecstasy. 

The effects of a tantra massage are both physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Here we will shine some light on 7 spiritual effects of receiving a tantra massage:

1. Becoming aware of energy

A tantra massage touches the physical body of the receiver and at the same time interacts with the energetic structure as well. You might feel your whole body vibrating and super charged, sensations of heat rising through the spine or waves of energy moving through your body. A tantra massage can have the effect of unblocking energies and making it flow more freely, which results in feeling more free and alive. 

2. Connecting with yourself and opening to love

Conscious touch is the language of the heart and through touch it becomes easy to connect with ourselves. In the Tantra Temple we offer tantra massages as an intimate experience given with love rather than offering a service with “professional distance”. Being fully present with each person in every massage, the tantra masseurs open themselves to channel love and affection, which pours through them into the one they touch.

Being touched with love communicates secretly from heart to heart, you feel accepted for who you are and you can relax all the tensions that normally prevent you from feeling yourself.

When our heart awakens it takes us out of the mind, we enter the vast open space of our heart. This experience opens us to love, heals our broken hearts and helps us to overcome fears of loving or being loved. 

One guest wrote after a massage: “It occurred to me how much my soul had nourished itself from being touched all over my body with the touch of deep conscious love. It is absolutely indescribable how much it means to receive all that love. I realize that through my life until now, I have had a hard time receiving love, even though I have longed for love, it’s just like I did not know what to do with it.”

Or as another guest beautifully wrote after she left the temple: “I was floating from the temple with lots of love, mercy and gratitude to the whole world … Emotions I have never felt before.”

“When our heart awakens it takes us out of the mind and we enter the vast open space of our heart””

3. Shifting from instinctive sexuality to sacred eroticism

A tantra massage is a unique opportunity to experience erotic awakening in a conscious way, since you don’t have to “do” anything, you are allowed to just receive and in this way you become aware of many things that otherwise can be easily missed in the heat of the moment. You become aware of the waves of pleasure, thousands of different sensations in your body, changes in your breathing, emotions, desires, deep longings, tensions, fears, happiness. 

You become aware of the erotic energy itself and instead of reacting instinctually, you can relax into the experience and become fully present, you are not hunting for pleasure or trying to perform, instead the eroticism which is filled with awareness and presence makes you touch the sacredness of life itself. When you manage to soak yourself deeply into this sweet and enchanting honey of Eros, you will feel how your entire life receives a golden glow, a sense of sacredness and a perspective which is new, uplifting and liberating.

One woman explained it like this: I had an orgasm. However, it was a different one, for it was as if it were from the heart, I got a dazzling light from the heart that spread out into the whole body. Afterwards, it was as if I had been born again or for the first time I was in my body.
4. Soul Awakening

We gain access to our soul when we start paying attention to the essential things in our life. The soul is not a “religious invention” but a living reality, it’s the spark of life and consciousness which guides us to grow and learn and to make the right decisions that leads to genuine happiness. 

The soul is inaccessible to us if we have a stressed and agitated mind or if we settled “for less” – for a comfortable but dull life, if we are haunted by fears or if we spend our life chasing desires, security, material possessions and power. The soul is inaccessible when we forget what is essential, what really gives life meaning, when we don’t dare to take chances and step into the unknown, following the impulses from the voice of the heart. 

A tantra massage can act as a wake-up call. As our heart opens and we start to feel love, we can dive even deeper inside and gain access to our soul. Here we discover inner treasures and qualities that we have and that we are meant to awaken and share with others in this life, we start growing in wisdom and learning the lessons life is constantly and generously offering.

5. Aspirations, intuitions and wisdom

All of us are carrying many concerns and unresolved issues within. One of the beautiful spiritual effects of a tantra massage is that unexpected solutions can arise from the depths of our being. We find our own wise answers to the riddles of our lives. As our mind slowly gets silenced, the wisdom of our hearts has a chance to be heard. 

Often people receive intuitions during the massage. This can be about simple problems that need clarity, but it can even be about fundamental questions such as your mission in life or the purpose of your existence. When you become aware of your deepest aspirations, the fundamental desires of your hearts and your reason for living, it changes your perspective and makes you leave the temple with a sharpened compass that points you to what truly matters most.

Like one guest said: After the massage for many days I felt an adventurous joy bubble inside me, and it is as if the small problems and annoyances of everyday life are completely erased when I think back on this experience.” Another guest expressed how the massage made him able to pursue his essential goals: “I feel calm and patient, which means that right now I can feel what it is that is calling to me right now and then do it.”

“A tantra massage can act as a wake-up call in our life”

6. Awareness of your essential nature

The highest peak of a spiritual experience in the massage is the realization of your essential nature or true self. During a tantra massage all tensions gradually disappear, all disturbing emotions and thoughts melt away, eventually the mind itself dissolves into a space of silence and ecstatic being. Our essential nature is described in the tantric spiritual tradition as Sat-Cit-Ananda, a Sanskrit expression that means “being, consciousness, bliss”.

This is an experience where the mind, the past and the future, daily to-do lists and all the masks of personality no longer exist. You move from a state of doing to a state of being. You might have glimpses of this reality and experience states of unconditional love, unshakeable inner peace, being light, feeling endless or infinite, being one with everything.

7. Transformation

Transformation is a deeply positive change, it is what happens when your life takes a new direction or you gain the inner freedom and perspective to make different choices and to react differently to life situations.

A tantra massage can create the inner openness to see new possibilities, the healing necessary to move on from old patterns, the courage to grab the opportunities that life offers. 

Guests who come through the temple door contracted with stress or fear, can leave in a state of optimism, enthusiasm and encouragement. Feeling ready to face life and the world. 

One guest expressed how the massages give him the strength to take on the transformations in his life. As he said“In so many ways it has been life changing experiences for me. I work as a therapist myself and have done a lot personal developmental work myself during the most of my adult life, but the most transforming experience has been the tantric journey the last 10 months. I feel I have connected to a deep energy source that facilitates my mission in life.”

Another young female guest explained how she used to be anxious and controlling about everything in life and after a few tantra massages she gained a sense of self-confidence and surrender to life that made her so relaxed in front on uncertainties that her family almost did not recognize her anymore. She said that while she used to literally look down, she now naturally started to look up. She started to see and sense the beauty of the world. And instead of being disappointed by life’s adversities, she started to be grateful for life’s gifts.

A deeply spiritual experience can loosen the thought patterns that trap us and instead offer us fresh eyes of wonder. In this way we transform and become more happy and free inside.


Those of our guests who have a regular spiritual practice often describe the most powerful effects of receiving a tantra massage. 

While a tantra massage may enrich you with wonderful experiences and grace you with“free”spiritual gifts, it is necessary to discover what you can do in your daily life in order to avoid forgetting about these revelations and to deepen the effects.  

All the masseurs in the Tantra Temple have a daily spiritual practice including yoga, energy work and meditation. We consider giving tantra massages an integral part of our own spiritual practice and a way of helping others to have a more fulfilling life and to awaken spiritually. In fact this list of spiritual effects also comes from our own experiences during the massages we give.

For those who want to deepen their experiences we recommend to follow a weekly tantra yoga course that offers profound knowledge and powerful techniques, in order to get to know yourself and to continue your journey.