NEW TRY OUT MODULE STARTING IN 2020: 25th April – 2nd May

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What do you get:

What will you learn:

  • You will have the FOUNDATION for being successful in your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself
  • You will have the BASIS for becoming a genuine Tantra masseur
  • Increased awareness upon your own energy and behavioral patterns
  • A correct understanding of the REAL purpose of Tantra Massage
  • The core tantric attitudes – which you will then need to practice implementing into your daily life in order to start making transformational progress (=homework)
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Proper ability to give and receive feedback, which is essential for your transformation and improvement.
  • Hatha yoga and Meridian yoga
  • Concentration exercises and mental hygene, as a first required step towards meditation
  • Breathing exercises for healing and relaxation
  • Basic attitudes in Tantra: awareness and relaxation, saying Yes! to LIFE and No! to ignorance (=death)
  • Fundamental physical and subtle body anatomy
  • Introduction to acupressure points
  • Introduction to meridian massage
  • How to identify and then remove inner blockages and tensions
  • 5 language of love: Touch, the language of the heart
  • Introduction to Tantra and the sacred Art of Conscious Touch



25th April – 2nd May

Saturday (registration is between 15.00 – 15.45)
16:00 – 22.00*
Sunday – Friday
09:00 – 22:00*
09:00 – 17:00*
*Breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks are included + several shorter breaks throughout the day


The Try Out Module of Tantra Massage Education is meant to introduce you to the basic principles and techniques of the Tantric System, as well as to help you experience genuine Tantra Massage. It is the very first step towards becoming the best version of yourself and it is an essential step in your becoming a professional Tantra Masseur. There will be an evaluation at the end of the Try Out Module that will determine whether or not you are qualified to continue with the next modules, if you want.

We strongly believe that after completing module you will have a much better understanding as well as the direct experience regarding this marvelous journey of self-discovery and self-restructuring through Tantra and Tantric Massage.

Please note: Participating to this Try Out Module does not qualify you for being a professional Tantra Masseur acknowledged by the Tantra Temple. In order to achieve this, it is necessary that you complete and graduate from the entire Tantra Massage Education.


Module fee: 13.000 kr (1750 euros) to be paid latest 2 months before the module starts (tea, fruits and snacks are included in the module fee).

Price for food:
200 kr (27 euros) per day. Includes 3 vegetarian meals per day.

Prices for Accommodation

Dormitory: 200 kr (27 euros) per night.
Includes duvet, pillow, bed linen, towel and pickup/drop-off at the nearest train station: Karise Station.

One module counts as seven days/nights. So the full price for a week with food and accommodation will be 2.800 kr (378 euros). There is also the possibility to go to a hotel or bed&breakfast in the area. Click here for details.

In order to know yourself better, we included in your training and in the module fee, 1 individual tantra massage session of 3 to 3.5 hr with a professional tantra masseur from the Tantra Temple. The practical value of this individual tantra massage session  is 2.235 kr (300 euros). The experience itself is priceless.

Moreover, we provide you with a highly trained tantra masseur, who will be your personal tutor and who can guide you. The practical value of this is 3.355 kr (450 euros) and is included in the module fee. Once again, the experience itself is priceless, in particular because you will receive feedback from an experienced professional tantra masseur, which is a huge opportunity for you to go deeper with your own process.


For our Tantra Massage Education we have found the perfect location: Paradise Retreat Center. Paradise is a heartful Retreat Center and event venue, one hour drive south of Copenhagen, that promotes inner growth and soul awakening.

It hosts various retreats and training courses, providing the best in order to help seekers to awaken paradise in their inner being. It is a place filled with beauty and simplicity, in the peaceful danish countryside, surrounded by calmness, serenity and nature.

In order to keep the experience positive and rejuvenating for all guests, Paradise Retreat Center has a policy that prohibits the use of alcohol, tobacco and controlled substances.


25th April – 2nd May


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