With Richard and Joy

Main ideas:
• Healing can only happen when we relax
• Healing comes from the heart
• Connecting to the universal heart, we can all become channels of love and healing

What will happen?
This workshop will teach you that the true healing power comes from the heart. The heart is the unifying factor that synchronizes and balances all the different parts of our being.

The workshop consists of three main parts:
• Individual relaxation/healing
• One on one touch/healing
• Group touch, channeling universal love

We are aware that going through deep healing can be very emotional. Of course, anybody can at any time just step out if they feel it’s too much in that moment or if they simply need a little break to center in the present moment.
In the touch part, you can be dressed more or less as you feel like in that moment and the one you are working with is open to (down to underwear). The touch involved might be sensual, but there will not be any sexual activities.

Should I bring my partner? Can I go alone?
This workshop is both for singles and couples. In the one-on-one session you can stay together with your beloved or your friend, or we will team you up two and two.

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This workshop is part of the program of the Conscious Living Festival in Odense, on March 16th – 17th.


Richard and Joy work together to bring the light of tantra and its beautiful message to all those who feel the calling to discover unsuspected depths of their heart.