with guest teachers Aida and Kieran

Would you like to dive into beneficial pleasure, in an ideal environment, on an exotic island? Imagine yourself in a tantric holiday, where you and your beloved can enjoy the freedom and heat under the Caribbean sun…

There is now a unique opportunity! We found the perfect people to take you to a place where you get to grow and develop yourself and your relationship, through beneficial pleasure! This place is located at a paradisical resort that encourages you to shed all inhibitions and limitations, while at the same time it takes great care to ensure the privacy and respect the boundaries of all its guests.

We have invited two special guests from Kama Experiential who will reveal many of the wonders of enjoying your Tantric Holiday on this exotic island. Kama Experiential is a project organized by highly skilled tantra practitioners and teachers who take the most beneficial aspects of Tantric principles and turn them into simple, tangible and practical tools and techniques.

If you want to know more, come join us for an info evening and hear all about it. This evening will stir your curiosity and expand your horizons, introducing the importance of the concept of Freedom in Tantra.

Practical info:

  • Price: FREE EVENT, including tea and snacks
  • The Tantric Holiday in the Carribean is for couples only. However, if only one of you can join this free info evening, you are most welcome.
  • Event is in English
  • SIGN UP and contact: Aida Curak. Phone: ‎0046739468242; email: aida@kama-experiential.com (registration required to to limited number of places)