workshop with Richard and Joy

In tantric deep dating the meeting IS the relationship. Is there ever anything more important than the connection and love you feel right now? Why wait until tomorrow to open your heart? Love does not wait for tomorrow, it is always a choice we have to make right NOW.

In these workshop, we focus on:
• Exercises awakening our energies, playfulness and sensuality
• Exercises for developing intimacy, aliveness and heart connection
• Exploring the power of attraction and the deep masculine/feminine connection
• Ways to integrate learning, healing, and growth into first encounters and long-term relationships
• Keys to build real trust in love relationships and friendships
• Fulfilling alternatives to rejection, and flexible ways to assert boundaries.
• Practices for getting even closer, no matter how close you already are
• How to make dating as much of a spiritual practice as meditation or yoga

Practical information

Price: 250 SEK including non-alcoholic drinks, tea and fruit.
Registration: Tel. 71991102 on weekdays between 10-16, or
Event is in English.

We make sure that there is an equal number of men and women as far as possible.