A movie that promotes an erotic revolution.
We follow the main characters’ journey through sexual self-discovery to sacred eroticism.

9,3 stars on IMDB:

Gino and Luz are famous actors in the adult movie industry. They meet at a crossroad of their life and career. Although they fall in love profoundly they face a painful fact: their sexual habits acquired in the industry have seriously crippled their capacity to build a proper love relationship. The dramatic confusion they live in causes failure after failure both on the set and in their personal emotional lives. Looking for a solution, the desperate Gino sets out on a journey of self-discovery that culminates with an unusual mystical experience: he is initiated by a tantric woman in the art of sacred love and divine eroticism. Aside from resolving their couple relationship problems, this new perspective could generate an important transformation in the area of their profession.

Interview with Aghora Vidya, Director

“There’s this famous quote: be the transformation you want in the world. I’ve always wished to see a movie where the protagonists appear naked and make love in the full beauty of a relationship in which the presence of God is alive; and this presence is recognized and celebrated by both of them.

Movies where protagonists make love, I have seen a lot – but God was not there. I’ve also seen movies where the characters communicated with God in their soul, but they never appeared in scenes of erotic intimacy.

Then I decided to create this type of movies.

I wanted to tell the story of a rightful hope – that it is possible for all of us to make the leap of consciousness from a distorted vision of the body, eros, the love relationship between man and woman, to a right one that can perceive what is truly divine in all these; and above all to a sacred life.

All the artists I work with are concerned with amplifying contemplation, meditation, accessing the high spheres of inspiration. They know that the more they are deeply connected with their Self, the more expressive they become, more creative as artists. For them art is also assumed as an art of living, as a process of permanent transformation and spiritual growth.

I believe that art that is nourished from a sacred vision upon existence and man deserves to become a daily presence, not to be just an event that happens now and then, but to give ourselves the chance more and more to breathe the clear air of beauty and to restore our own divine beauty.

In our films I show what I believe in: the body is sacred because it is the carrier of the soul. Animated by love, the body becomes sublime.”

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Language: Spanish with English subtitles.