A series of five seminars for women

Living in the 21st century can be confusing! Being a successful woman, running your own business with X+ employees is considered now to be the normal of an empowered woman. Salsa dancing, healthy eating and respecting your own menstrual cycle might and often do compensate for the man-like job as the head of your company. And even the pain experienced when the man in your life is suddenly ghosting you does not get you that much off track anymore.

But have you ever wondered about your deep connection with the feminine? What do we, as women, understand about feminine energy? How do we relate to it? And how could we live in today’s society as soft, vulnerable, emotionally generous and at the same time completely free and happy women?

This seminar series is about the relationship we women have with our femininity and the role we play in our own lives in order to harmonize this very delicate relationship. It is about reconnecting to our true feminine nature, the cosmic force that brings everything to life and embraces everything with a generous open heart, right here and now!

You will learn:

  • How playfulness and sensuality bring you more relaxation, and more masculinity in your man
  • How to surrender to the masculine energy and find your freedom
  • How humbleness removes your fears faster than pride or need for control
  • How sisterhood actually works better than competition
  • How you can and do embody the manifesting power of your own dreams, as well as of your man’s.

Dates: Wednesdays – April 17th, May 1st and 22nd, and June 5th and 19th. Each seminar will approach one of the above topics separately, so it is best you join all of them.
Time: 18 – 20.30
Price: Donation based

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Ariadna has been figuring out her way in the Tantric world for about 15 years, until one day when she has decided to find a meaning behind making so many mistakes, despite being a good yoga teacher, and keeping inspiring workshops. She then started practicing specific yoga and tantra methods, with great effects: she has learned the true meaning and power of forgiveness, of femininity, and of real freedom. Above all, she has discovered by direct experience that one of the greatest power of a woman is her ability to love truly what is.

This series of five seminars is part of her assignment for becoming an acknowledged tantra teacher, at the end of four years of intensive training. It is a great opportunity to both develop and share together with other women about true femininity in our lives.