Sunday, May 26th, from 14 – 16
Lecture with Adinatha about the Magic of Giving, followed by an angelic surprise.

We recently received a letter from the owner of the building rented by our temple in Copenhagen, evicting us by October 1st. Why? The municipality changed the legislation and they will build bigger and more expansive buildings in the area.

This sounds like pretty much very bad news, doesn’t it? It did to us, when we first heard it… Then, the entire team discussed it and we concluded that we have a choice: we can choose to see it as an opportunity! A sign that it is time for us to move on and to upgrade! A chance to find something even better!

As our work at the temple is about awakening consciousness through conscious touch, we know that transformation happens continuously. A genuine tantric masseur always renews him/herself, otherwise we stagnate, or worse: we devolve! It is essential to always learn new things and to constantly improve ourselves, our skills, as well as the environment we live in.

Therefore, now we are looking for a new location in Copenhagen! We see this new place much better for our kind of work, providing just the right space to fit in everyone who wants to learn about tantra through our workshops, lectures and massages. A place easier to reach by everyone, perhaps fairly central Copenhagen. A beautiful and harmonious place where the Temple community can meet and develop heart connections; where members of the Temple can deepen their spiritual practice and enhance their aspirations.

A first step in this direction: our fund raising event, on May 25th – 26th – a full weekend with discount massages!

You can schedule your massage either in the morning or in the afternoon/evening. During the lecture on Sunday, May 26th, starting at 14, there will be a break from massages, so that everyone – both guests and our team can join the lecture and the surprise. You are most welcome to join this lecture either after your massage in the morning or just before your massage in the afternoon!

Snacks, fruits and drinks available!

All income will be used as payment required for our future new Temple space. This weekend is based on voluntary work from all our masseurs. Together, we can make a difference!

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