Come and join us for the live demonstration, where you get to learn the approach and attitude of a genuine tantra masseur. You will see a live demonstration of Tantra Massage and, if you are lucky and open for it, you may even have a direct experience of Tantra Massage on yourself.

Tantra Massage is a deeply connecting and intimate form of massage. It touches people deeply, both in body and soul. Our energy centers can be awakened, tensions and traumas can be healed, and it help us to align our sexuality with love and spirituality.

Tantra Massage is a wonderful tool for self knowledge. When we come in contact with our inner core we discover the shortest path to genuine self-love, which radiates in our close surroundings.

Some of the topics we will touch upon:
• Why are people coming to Tantra Massage?
• What are the experiences and tools for inner growth that people receive here?
• How is the massage for women?
• How is the massage for men?
• How can tantric massage help us release issues and blockages, and take us to heights we didn’t imagine before?
• What does it take to become a genuine Tantra Masseur?

We at the Tantra Temple have chosen the tantric path as a way of life. Each of us trains for many hours a day, practicing yoga, meditation, tantric techniques, and active love, in order to be ready and qualified to guide people with the transformation that they long for.

Free Event. Sign up still required, due to limited amount of places.

The event is held in English, with Bagala & Devi