The Teachers

We are a team who has many years of experience with tantra and tantric massage. We have helped thousands of people heal and grow through loving conscious touch. This competency has to be given further; it has to be shared with all those who are ready to use it for the benefit of human kind.

Workshop teachers

Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj

Ulrik Adinatha has been dedicated to a tantric life since year 2000. He is educated as Yoga and Tantra teacher at the Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. He is leader and co-founder of the Tantra Temple. In his daily life he is teaching Tantra Yoga and Tantra Massage. With his big knowledge, human insight, love, understanding and humor he gives practical tantric guidance and provides common sense solutions to the challenges of love life and relationships.



Ananda is an enthusiastic tantra teacher and therapist. She has devoted her energy and love to the Tantra Temple in Denmark, teaching and offering tantric massages. Ananda is known for her spontaneity and creativity in the tantric work which helps people to discover, often with great amazement, new and unexpected solutions to their problems. She is always a bubbling source of joy and spontaneity which stimulate people around her.  (available for massages)



Bagala is a highly experienced Tantra teacher, performer, pole-dancer and show director, with background as professional ballerina. She has been studying and teaching Tantra in Denmark and Sweden for more than 10 years. In the past 20 years she gracefully combined notions of tantric knowledge in her dancing expertise, using her feminine creativity and sensuality, and she created various initiatic group dance performances. She inspires both women and men to evolve spiritually through her intense presence and ability to relate directly from the heart. (available for massages)

Guest Teachers



Angela Shivani is a tantric yogini who has practiced yoga and tantra since 1998 and has been teaching in India, Thailand, and various countries in Europe. She is co-founder of the Tantra Temple, with a unique insight into spirituality and human psychology. She is driven by the aspiration to bring spiritual knowledge into the daily life of people. In her workshops and classes, she is known for her loving presence and ways of guiding the participants and students to explore both the external and internal universe.

Elodia Bohn Johansen

Elodia is an enthusiastic Tantra teacher, passionate about life and about discovering the secrets of happiness and our essential divine nature. She has been practicing Yoga and Tantra for the past 17 years. Trained in the sacred art of conscious touch and Tantra Massage, she keeps classes and workshops sharing from her heart the tantric knowledge and spiritual perspective upon life, in a clear, fascinating and accessible way.  (available for massages)


Richard has been studying and practicing Tantra and yoga since 2005 and tantra massage since 2009. Through the treasure of Tantric knowledge he has transformed his relationships in a conscious way to become an engine for awakening masculinity, passion, and love. With a background in nanotechnology and plant sciences, which he teaches at college level, he is well trained in bringing abstract concepts into real life in an entertaining way. Richard is a cheerful teacher with focus on a good laugh and integrity.


Isis is an experienced yoga and tantra teacher. She has been teaching yoga, tantra and women’s groups across the country since 2007 and with her charm and enthusiasm, she guides full of inspiration men and women on their journey to self-discovery. Her passion is tantric sexuality, where she uses and teaches techniques such as sexual continence and “Sacred Sexuality” that connects the love and enjoyment to the expansion of consciousness.

Kieran Dowling

Kieran Dowling

Kieran has been studying and practicing Tantra for over 8 years. He teaches regularly in London and Ireland and runs weekly men’s groups in London. He places particular emphasis on developing relationships skills and masculinity through tantric tools. Kieran’s deep longing for self discovery is making him a true tantric adept, always seeking that which is above, ready to sacrifice and give the best of him.

Aida Curak

Aida Curak

Discovering the Tantric path 7 years ago, Aida finally felt she found home. Discovering the bliss of being a woman, she is constantly seeking the answer of how to live life fully, radiating and ecstatic through her femininity. Her aspiration to grow and transform herself and inspire other women to be free, limitless and truly themselves is her daily fuel, always keeping her going forward. Having taught Tantra in Thailand and Sweden, she is now living in Copenhagen and is ready infuse the city with her charm and desire to spread the tantric teachings.



Federico Nicolas Long is from Argentina, he has graduated in the Universidad del Tango de Buenos Aires as Tango Instructor and has been performing as Tango Dancer and Instructor for over 10 years. The last 5 years of his life were dedicated to the study of Tantra in depth, living and applying Tantric principles in his daily life. Now he enjoys sharing the knowledge of these teachings integrated in his Tango classes and workshops that he keeps in Argentina, Thailand and Europe.



Aditi is devoted to the awakening of spirituality and the feminine beauty in women and help them become aware of their goddess within. She has been studying and practicing yoga and tantra for more than 7 years and she has been keeping tantra workshops for women. She studied music and dance from a young age and she believes that through artistic performance we are able to evolve personally and spiritually by expressing art through body movements while increasing our awareness and the connection with our soul. (available for massages)

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