The seven tantric initiations

tantra-temple-copenhagen-initiation(updated: 31.01.2018) Given a growing interest for spiritual knowledge and guidance for inner development and soul awakening, we reached the point where it has become necessary to restructure our membership system and the way we offer the initiations. For this reason, for the past few months and for the next period of time we will no longer give initiations, as we are working on bettering the entire initiating process. More information will follow.

The seven tantric initiations taught at the Tantra Temple comprise a series of initiations that originate in a practice which is several thousand years old, and testifies to a thoroughly tested wisdom of life that has a rare power to make a difference in your life.

Are you ready to take the step and learn more about tantra? Have you had deep experiences with tantra massage? Are you curious to learn more about what you can do to bring more energy, presence, consciousness, and love into your everyday life?

The seven tantric initiations are designed for those of our guests who would like to master life themselves. As captured in a Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Man is in constant pursuit of happiness, yet, remarkably, sometimes what we think will make us happy, indeed, does exactly the opposite.

Most people seek happiness outside themselves: the perfect loved one, the perfect job, the perfect cure that treats the symptoms, but they do not go to the core of the problem.

Tantra digs deep into to existential issues faced by man (i.e. the separation from our true selves). We are not aware of our true nature, and don’t know how to become aware – and therefore we dissociate from our true being, needs and potential.

“Just be yourself” is easier said than done, for example when you receive a tantric massage for the first time and lie down completely naked in front of another person you have never met. Being oneself and being open to life in whatever form it takes comes with great vulnerability, also in our minds, which are capable of creating a perfect inner storm that makes it very difficult to relax.

The seven tantric initiations are not an “add on” to our lives. They share fundamental principles, an approach to life and an inner attitude we need to embrace 24/7 – a deep knowledge and understanding of how energetic structures function and how we can add more love and conscious being to our erotic power, so that sex becomes love and pleasure becomes ecstasy. They are the principles which help us discover the source of inner power, peace, and happiness.

A Japanese zen master had a visitor – a wise man who wanted to know more about zen. The zen master served tea, filling his guest’s cup all the way up, and he kept pouring. The wise man saw how the tea kept flowing over, and eventually he could not help saying, “The tea is spilling. There is no room for more tea in the cup”. The zen master looked at him and said, “Just like this cup, you are already filled with your own thoughts and ideas. How can I show you zen if you do not empty your cup first?”

tantra-temple-copenhagen-frontpage-01The seven tantric initiations in the Tantra Temple are stepwise introductions to a tantric way of life, which illustrate the path towards more energy, presence, consciousness and love through opportunities, challenges, and personal development.

In the tantric tradition, an ”initiation” is not like reading a book or attending a lecture. It is something entirely different, because you are sitting together with another person who has a deep understanding and draws on many years of practice. What is passed on is not just pure knowledge, it is also a deeper sense of how new knowledge may be brought to use in our lives and how we may integrate this knowledge. Like in the story about the zen master, we need to empty our cup in order to be able to fill it again, and this is best done by beginning to drink the tea, to let it sink in and become part of us.

All the initiations consist of a theoretical component and a practical component, in the form of a tantric massage that aims to let the body experience the theoretical knowledge that was just imparted on you.

The levels of Membership and the Initiations are:

Basic member:

When you sign up you automatically become a basic member. As a basic member you can receive the following Initiations:
Sexual Continence
Law of Resonance
Power of Shakti

After receiving all 3 Initiations a Basic Member becomes an Aspirant Member.

Aspirant member:

You can receive the following Initiations:
For men:
Awareness and Relaxation
Vira – from Boy to Man
Multiorgasmic Man
Sacred Sexuality
For women:
Awareness and Relaxation
Tantric Orgasm for Women
Sacred Sexuality

After these 4 Initiations an Aspirant Member becomes an Initiate Member.

As an Initiate Member:

At this point it is possible to receive massages that include all the steps and principles that you have learned until now.

The Initiation in Sexual Continence:

sexual-continence-frontpage(for Basic Members)

According to Tantra, sexual energy is a powerful source of energy that can be used for personal development, through maintaining this energy in the body. Tantric teachings state that the process of orgasm and the process of ejaculation are two different processes, which can be separated. In this way, one can experience increased pleasure (becoming multi-orgasmic) while at the same time experiencing an increase of energy in one’s entire being.

The Sexual Continence Initiation teaches you the mechanisms behind controlling your sexual energy and separating ejaculation from orgasm. It will teach you practical techniques for developing these capacities.

Women will learn how to help men become continent, and how this expand her own pleasure and ecstasy in lovemaking, and how to work with her own energies and avoid spilling her energy. She will also learn how to work with her cycle and diminish her menstrual flow.

The Initiation in The Law of Resonance:

Resonance-ini-frontpage(for Basic Members)

This Initiation in the Law of Resonance explains how we create our own life circumstances, usually being entirely unaware that we are the ones creating everything in our lives.
Once we understand this important principle, we can start to consciously create our life the way we want it to be – and we can understand how we can become wiser by being aware how life reflects our own inner being.

This Initiation outlines the subtle structure of the human being (the 5 bodies and the 7 chakras) and the way this structure creates what we know as ourselves and the reality of our lives.

Initiation in the Power of Shakti:

Power of Shakti(for Basic Members)

The eternal game between feminine and masculine energies creates the entire manifestation of existence.

Understanding the nature of these energies, the interaction between them within our being, and how to use our inner resources wisely and harmoniously in our everyday life, is essential in order to be in harmony with the universe.

This Initiation explains the manifestation of the polarity between feminine and masculine energies in our lives.  It will especially focus on the power of the feminine energy (Shakti) which is the power of creation itself.

Initiation in Awareness and Relaxation:

awareness and relaxation(for Aspirant Members)

Awareness and relaxation are two necessary elements required to enable us to control any energy and any situation in our lives.
As such, these are also key elements in the process of controlling our sexual energy.

This Initiation teaches us how to become more relaxed without losing our awareness, and inversely, how to become more aware without losing our state of relaxation – also when we experience very intense states and feelings.

Initiation in Vira – from Boy to Man:

(for Male Aspirant Members)

There is a distinct lack of real men in this world, and the world is suffering as a result.
According to tantra, the state of polarity is essential for a strong and harmonious romantic relationship.
In order to create polarity, a man needs to manifest in a masculine way and a woman in a feminine way, thus becoming polar opposites, which attract one another. In this the couple creates more energy for the development of their relationship, and themselves as individuals.

This Initiation outlines the ideal masculine qualities and how one can develop them consciously.

Initiation in Femininity:

femininity(for Female Aspirant Members)

According to Tantra, the state of polarity is essential for a strong and harmonious romantic relationship.
In order to create polarity, a man needs to manifest in a masculine way and a woman in a feminine way, thus becoming polar opposites, which attract one another. In this the couple creates more energy for the development of their relationship, and themselves as individuals.

This Initiation outlines the ideal feminine qualities and how one can develop them consciously.

Initiation in Multiorgasmic Man:

(for Male Aspirant Members):

A Multiorgasmic Man is a man who can experience multiple orgasms, one after the other, without ejaculating and, thus, losing his energy.

This Initiation teaches more essential techniques and attitudes for becoming a real Multiorgasmic Man.

Initiation in Tantric Orgasm for Women:

tantric orgasms(for Female Aspirant Members)

There are many different types of orgasms, which can be experienced by an awakened woman.
Each kind of orgasm is a gateway to a specific type of energy and a specific state of consciousness.

This Initiation will reveal the different types of Tantric orgasms and how to experience them.

Initation in Sacred Sexuality:

Sacred sexuality(for Aspirant Members)

This Initiation will present the ways in which Tantra approaches sexuality and love making as a spiritual tool.
We are given our sexuality as a powerful tool to reach higher states of consciousness.

Among all the experiences of a human being, the erotic union between a man and a woman is one of the deepest and strongest. The sexual dynamism is the most powerful physical experience we have, which is what makes it so easily accessible. Tantra offers methods to transform this powerful energy into spiritual ecstasy.

This Initiation will reveal how to transform sexual interaction into a sacred art, teaching the 9 steps of Tantric love making, but replacing the love making component with a tantric massage.

In order to be able to receive the seven tantric initiations, you need to have received at least one tantra massage, and you become a member of the Tantra Temple in connection with the first initiation. You may read more about membership, prices, and practicalities here.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Tantra Temple!