Tantra massage for couples

tantra-temple-copenhagen-frontpage-03Visit the Tantra Temple as a couple to learn how the deep relaxation and sensual pleasure in the massage can increase the erotic attraction and mutual love in your relationship. Enjoy a cup of tea in a warm, relaxed atmosphere, as we start out with a talk, you and the masseurs together, about what you feel you is lacking or what you would like to develop in your relationship. You will have the opportunity to hear about tantra and what tantra can do to keep the love and affection vibrant in your relationship, and to enhance the level of presence and intimacy in your everyday life. You will then have the opportunity to take a shower (we have towels and soap), and afterwards to lie down on a mattress in each your beautifully decorated massage room.

You will be in separate rooms, as it is very important not to be distracted, but to focus entirely on your own inner experience, and on what happens in your body and mind, and to feel your own inner energy. This is not possible when your partner is also in the room. Experience has shown that some are nervous that they may start thinking about what is happening in the next room; but you will both soon realise that being in separate rooms will give you the best experience and that we will be there with you wholeheartedly and in deep respect for your personal love and the boundaries of your relationship. We are here only to create an atmosphere for you where we can give you inspiration, knowledge and to help you deepening the love and attraction for each other.

After the massage, we will all four meet again, and you may ask questions and we will tell you how you can proceed on the Tantric path together. You may also receive exercises to practice at home, and you will have the chance to, privately, exchange experiences with one another.

Would you and your partner like to know more, to be inspired, and help to rekindle the attraction to one another again, to feel more intimacy and love again? We look forward for seeing you and helping you bring more understanding, love, pleasure, happiness, and intimacy into your everyday lives.


You can book an appointment, or call with any questions, at 71991102 or by mail at info@tantra-temple.com.

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Tantra massage options

You can choose between 3 different options for your Tantra massage, and if you wish to receive from one masseur or two masseurs simultaneously (4-hand massage). Time seems to fly during a Tantra massage and often it will not be possible to prolong the massage during the experience itself. If you would like a longer massage than is offered in our list, you are welcome to contact us.

Option 1

This option includes a short preliminary talk, time for a shower, a Tantra massage, and a concluding talk – altogether 2 hours. Women should be aware that this option does not include time for yoni massage.

Option 2

This option includes a preliminary talk, time for a shower, a Tantra massage, and a concluding talk – altogether 2.5 hours. We recommend this option for those who would like to get deeper into the experience, with extra time to relax, open up, awaken the sensuality in the entire body, become conscious of the erotic energy and become aware of themselves and their heart. For female guests, this package also includes time for a yoni massage.

Option 3

This option includes a preliminary talk, time for a shower, a Tantra massage, and a concluding talk – altogether 3 hours. This option allows you to go even deeper into the experience of the Tantra massage with all the psychological and therapeutic aspects of the massage. This extra time is often necessary in order to be able to open up and work with blockages or challenges you might face in your life. In this option, we have time for a longer talk and to work with specific challenges you may encounter on your path through life. During the massage we can look into specific issues, like old traumas or wishes for a deeper spiritual connection to your soul or a deeper experience of your true nature. This option gives also you the opportunity to feel a more timeless exploration of sublime sensual pleasure, awakening of vitality in the entire body, and ecstatic inner joy that comes by getting in contact with your inner source of love. We recommend this option for both men and women that wish to have time for an even deeper experience and more time to receive guidance/coaching from the masseur. 


Let the effects of a tantra massage last longer, enhance your experience with a meditation, yogic relaxation or yoga nidra at the end of your massage. Our add ons are a way to help you guide the energies awakened through the tantra massage and to become more conscious of your inner state.


Tantra teaches us that it is possible to use the erotic energy as source of energy for self-development. After the tantric massage, the erotic energy which is now awakened and distributed in the whole body, can be used to feed our aspiration to become an even better human being. With the Meditation Add On – we invite you to do a meditation to use the energy resulting of the massage, with the help of the masseur who is skilled in such practice and therefore can explain and support you in doing it. In this way you have an extraordinary opportunity to have a direct experience of conscious Tantric energy work. You can choose between 3 different experiences:

Awaken Your Heart – use the energy resulting from the massage to increase your capacity to love and feel compassion. The heart will bring you in contact with the guiding voice of your soul.

Mental Clarity – use the energy resulting from the massage to increase your awareness and gain more control over your mind, choosing your own thoughts.

Spiritual Awakening – use the energy resulting from the massage to expand your consciousness to merge with the universal consciousness, aiming to go beyond all the daily life concernes to the state of transcendence.

Length: 15 min.


The tantric teaching states that happiness is possible only on the background of relaxation. Many of us burdened by the stress full lifestyle in our era, can use a little help in going back to the  state of relaxation and reconnect to the state of happiness. The erotic tantric massage by itself is helping us to relax deeply, to come in the body and be present here in now, letting go of all worries and stress. Adding to the massage experience a guided session of the complete yogic relaxation, will help you to deepen this effect of the massage, allowing the erotic energies to empower the state of relaxation in your being.  In this way you have an extraordinary opportunity to have a direct experience of conscious Tantric energy work.

Length: 15 min.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra also known as the yogic conscious sleep is a technique of deep relaxation allowing us to go beyond our mind limitations and come in contact with the essence of our being. The effect of yoga Nidra is a deep state of relaxation, Regeneration on physical, psychic and mental  level leading to  state of peace and happiness. Practicing yoga Nidra after a massage session with the guidance of the masseur, will allow the awakened erotic energies, to be used to empower the state of relaxation and going beyond the mind, In this way you have an extraordinary opportunity to have a direct experience of conscious Tantric energy work.

Length: 30 min.


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