There are many who would love a tantra massage but cannot afford it, or still simply do not dare, yet… Taking your time with tantra massage and respecting your own boundaries is a healthy approach! Below we have listed a few considerations to keep in mind about tantra massage:

What a genuine tantra massage at the Tantra Temple in Denmark is:

  • it is like a gateway, propelling you out of your mind and body limitations into a magical space of heart connection.
  • it provides a direct experience of your deeper nature through conscious sensual touch.
  • through it, you can discover yourself as an ecstatic and unlimited being, filled with joy of life, resting in the peace of your soul.
  • through a genuine tantra massage we connect with pure erotic energy, free from sexual instincts.
  • it is done with love and awareness, relaxing our physical body, and awakening our ethereal and astral bodies.
  • the purpose is to access deeper levels of existence, as euphoric and effervescent spiritual beings, in total connection with our true nature and the entire universe.
  • is genuine in the fact that the masseurs are trained to modulate the profound experience obtained through many years of practice and studying tantra for tapping into the universal source of love. They then open up to become free channels between this universal source and the one receiving the massage. In this way, the energy perceived is not that of the masseurs, but only operated by them, as they consciously step out of their own identity and allow the universal energy work through. This makes the massage completely new and different every single time.
  • it is a safe and respectful interaction where you can discover and explore yourself, your heart and your sensuality. The essential key for this is your own openness and ability to relax and simply take this journey through emotions, sensations and feelings as they unfold in the present moment.

What a genuine tantra massage at the Tantra Temple is not:

  • it does not give you anything that isn’t already more or less awaken inside you.
  • it cannot do magic for you unless you are an active receiver and want to meet the magic that is created in the space between you and your masseur.
  • it is not a one-time-only experience. Like with anything else that brings transformation and improvement, also for on growing effects of genuine tantra massage, regularity and continuation are recommended.
  • it has nothing to do with intercourse or sexual relations, or any kind of penetration.
On March 31st we are organizing a full day where all massages are with discounts:
  • 10% for a single massage,
  • 20% for couple massage
  • 30% for a 4 hands single massage.

*Note for Members – these discounts are added to the discounts you already receive.

Go ahead and book a massage for March 31st and enjoy a unique opportunity for this year at the Tantra Temple!

We have a limited number of massages we can offer in one day, so it is best not to wait until the last moment to make a booking!