About membership of the Tantra Temple

(UPDATED 31.01.2018) Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Tantra Temple. We are very happy to be in touch with so many people and to guide you along your journey of self-discovery.

Given a growing interest for spiritual knowledge and guidance for inner development and soul awakening, we reached the point where it has become necessary to restructure our membership system and the way we offer the initiations. For this reason, for the past few months and for the next period of time we will no longer give initiations, as we are working on bettering the entire initiating process. More information will follow.

The existing members are not affected by this transition period. For new members, it is possible to become a member of the Tantra Temple by paying the membership fee and sending us your contact details. However, it will take a while before we can introduce you to the initiations.

If you want to become a member of the Tantra Temple, it is because you would like to learn more about tantra. You should already have received several tantra massages, and you feel a longing to transform your every day life, to open up to more love, presence, consciousness, vitality, wisdom and feelings of connection. You would like to learn to control and explore your erotic energy, to turn sex into love making and pleasure into ecstasy, and you long to release life’s full potential in your own body and in your own life.

We offer 7 tantric initiations for both men and women, which will bring you transformative knowledge and an understanding of fundamental tantric principles through both theory and practice. If you would like to become a member of the Tantra Temple, you need to contact us in order to find a time for your first initiation. You will need to send your name, address, telephone number, date and year of birth, and finally, your zodiac sign to info@tantra-temple.com and then pay 300 kr. (for a yearly individual membership) or 500 kr. (for a couple’s membership) to 2112-4379294095, or by Mobile Pay to 77789. If you are under the age of 25, the membership costs 150 kr. pr. year for an individual membership. The reason why we would like to know your date and year of birth is that if you come for a massage on your birthday you will receive half an hour extra massage for free as a gift from the Tantra Temple.

As soon as you have sent us your information and paid the membership fee, you are a member – and then you have the opportunity to attend our initiations. The time between receiving initiations can be as long as you want – however, there should a minimum of 3 weeks between two initiations. If you want to make use of our active member discount, all it takes is that you pay your membership fee each year in January, and that you attend at least one initiation per year, until you have attended all of them. If you pay your membership later than January, we regard it as a delayed payment for that year. The initiations are constructed in a certain order, which is why it is necessary to have attended the previous initiations in order to understand and reap the full benefit of the subsequent initiations. You cannot, therefore, hand-pick the initiations you wish to participate in first. All the initiations consist of a theoretical component where you sit alone (in private initiations) or in a small group of people (in group initiations) and listen to a theoretical teaching of a tantric core principle. After the theoretical component you will follow a masseur into one of our beautiful massage rooms and receive a tantric massage that is in accordance with the theoretical component of the initiation. All the massages in the initiations are different and each of them give a practical, concrete, and physical experience of what you learned during the theoretical component. Thus, you are provided with the opportunity to make use of your new insights when you leave the Tantra Temple and get back to your daily life.

You can participate in either group initiations or private initiations. We find the dates for the group initiations and put them in our event calendar, and we also find the teachers and masseurs. In the group initiations there will be a small group of participants in the teaching part, but you will still receive the massage part in a separate room, alone with your masseur. If you choose to book a private initiation you can pick the time for the initiation yourself, within our possibilities, and also choose the teacher/masseur yourself, as long as it is a teacher/masseur that offers this specific initiation. If you are in a couple, and both of you would like to come for initiations, we can arrange private initiations for the 2 of you alone, for group initiation price, for the initiations that are open for both male and female members.

When you receive both the new information through lecture (in the theoretical part) and through the body, the subconsciousness, and the nervous system (in the massage), you will have a much clearer opportunity to put the theory into practice, and thus be able to transform thought into action. You will experience that the initiations and the massages that are a part of an initiation are different than other tantra massages in the Tantra Temple, since you, here, receive a teaching and experience a glimpse of everything that we have learned though many years of education and experience. The initiations also have a more fixed structure, both timewise and teachingwise.

We will let you know in our newsletters when we will provide group initiations and you can also check out our event calendar.
Read more about the 7 tantric initiations for both men and women and see the prices.
We look forward to seeing you at an initiation in the Tantra Temple!