Awakening of the Senses – tantric workshop for women

This workshop offers an exciting introduction to what the senses mean on the tantric path. You will learn:

  • how to use the senses to enrich your everyday life,
  • how to experience your own femininity, sensuality and enjoyment
  • how you can get much more in touch with your true self and the present through the senses.
  • how to use the senses to be true to the one you really are: a wonderful, living, sensitive and enjoyable woman.

We explore all the senses through exercises, and we explore them together in a safe and loving place where there is respect for your boundaries and space for your beautiful heart.

There is a small break along the way for snacks and talks. You can easily participate regardless of whether you are new to tantra or more experienced – love and sensibility always have new depths. There are no erotic actions or nudity in the workshop.

Price: 250 kr.

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